DJ Handsfree playing the best in UK Garage past to present Sundays bi-weekly 8-10pm Flex FM London alongside special guests on rotation weekly throughout the month.

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DJ Handsfree - Radio / Club DJ (House & Garage)

Stations played on:
Delight 103 (2004)
Vybe FM 99.5 (2004-05)
Freeze FM 92.7 (2004 - 2009)
Touch FM 94.0 (2007-2008)
Select UK 89.6 (2007)
Flex FM 99.7 (2009 - Present)

Grew up on stations such as Magic FM 90.2, Ice FM 88.4, London Underground 89.4, Chicago FM 90.6, Freek FM 101.8, Pleasure 87.9, Taste FM 92.5, MAC FM 92.7, Soundz FM 94.3, Supreme FM 96.1, Phat FM 107.5, Risk FM 107.1, RawFlex 90.0, Flex FM 103.6, Don FM 107.9, Dream FM 107.6, Shadow FM 106.5 still a few more to nameā€¦ but massive influence on what I played over the years.

Record shops I used to go to..
Swag / Big Apple (Croydon), Uptown/Blackmarket (Soho), Slammin Vinyl (Kingston Upon Thames)

Clubs / Bars Played at to name a few:
Langtrys Beckenham
Boogie Lounge Epsom
Oceana Kingston
O2 Greenwich
Hidden Vauxhall
Liquid Envy Crawley
Flirt Nightclub Horley

Music Production Currently doing UKG remixes via Soundcloud


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